Personalized instruction is our specialty. Experience is our strength. Experts in Jazz, Classical, Folk, and Rock music share extensive knowledge and professional experience with you in the most comfortable and attractive environment possible, full of professional gear.

Scott Stancill:

Classical, Acoustic/Electric Classic Rock and Blues, Folk and most Fingerstyles, Electric Bass


Scott has been playing the guitar since he saw The Beatles perform live on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964! After initial studies in classical guitar during the 1970’s with former Catholic University Music Professor George Yeatman, in 1983 Scott completed the Classical Guitar Performance curriculum at Montgomery College with honors under the direction of Dennis Coleman. In 1987 Scott received a Bachelor of Music degree specialized in Music Business and Commercial Music Performance from Belmont College in Nashville TN.

From 1986 Scott was employed nearly 10 years by the Veneman Music Co. repairing and rebuilding speakers and guitars, as well as building, painting, and selling a wide assortment of brand new traditional and custom guitars. During the same period he also performed with a local wedding band and in various church youth-help organizations. Scott also taught guitar from his home and in another local music store.

His gift for teaching began to reveal itself when in 1994 Scott began a small private studio on Connecticut Avenue in Kensington. In the years to follow, his many efforts have brought the studio great success. By popular demand Scott Stancill’s Guitar Studio now is home to 7 additional instructors.

Dan Hovey:

Jazz, Classic Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Bottleneck Slide, Folk, and Rockabilly


In addition to the 1987 Bachelor of Music he holds from Berklee College of Music, Dan has over 25 years of professional experience as a live performer and teacher. Native to Maryland, Dan spent 15 years living in New York City where he played in numerous Broadway shows, TV soundtracks, radio programs, and small clubs. After 9/11 he returned to Maryland and has continued to develop as a player, writer, and teacher. His favorite guitarists have been Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, and Mike Stern. He likes to cook and read, and finds Stancill’s Guitar Studio well-equipped to meet all of his students’ needs. http://www.danhovey.com/

Mark Moree:

Country, Classic Rock, Folk, Blues, and Electric Bass


Mark has been playing the guitar for over 25 years and is primarily a self-taught player. His experience began at age 6 when he was paid $40 to perform as a drummer, and music has been the main focus of Mark’s life ever since! Mark’s strongest influences have been his father, Brent Mason, and Albert Lee. His hobbies include model railroading and camping. He has been teaching at Stancill’s Guitar Studio since 1999 and says he really enjoys working there because it is run efficiently and there is good communication between the owner and the instructors.

Keith Grimes:

Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Folk-Rock, and Rockabilly


Keith’s extensive career as a guitarist includes gigging and recording with Bill Kirchen and the late Eva Cassidy. Literally, he has worked with thousands of students of all ages. He especially likes the music of Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King. He also likes bowling and swimming, and says that he likes Stancill’s Guitar Studio because it surrounds him in musical themes.

Tomasz Smok:

Classical, Flamenco, Heavy Metal, and Pop Rock

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Tom has a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Maryland specializing in Classical Guitar Performance. He has been teaching at Stancill’s Guitar Studio since 2000. His favorite musicians are Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert. He enjoys fast music and fast cars, but wants you to learn guitar with a slow and careful approach.

Erik Sharar:

Classical, most Acoustic and Electric styles, Electric Bass, and Hand Percussion

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Erik received a Bachelor of Music degree specializing in Classical Guitar Performance from University of Maryland and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in guitar at Peabody Conservatory. He also has been teaching guitar at Stancill’s Guitar Studio and in various local studios for nearly 10 years. During the same period he has performed extensively in the U.S. and Europe, and is currently director of the St. Rafael’s Catholic Church Spanish Choir in Potomac, MD. Erik enjoys cycling as a hobby, and thinks that Stancill’s Guitar Studio has a great location, atmosphere, and variety of students.

Ray Duke:



Ray has been playing drums over 35 years. He is a self-taught musician with a passion for teamwork. For over 10 years he has provided a strong back-beat in numerous RockBand recitals and Labor Day Parade festivals in the Town of Kensington. In 2007 Ray started our newest weekend program… private drum lessons, and he especially likes Stancill’s Guitar Studio for its clean and professional atmosphere!

Mark Wenner:



In 2008 Stancill’s Guitar Studio introduced its newest teacher, Mark Wenner – legendary lead-man of the internationally famous Nighthawks Band! Join Mark and Scott in these exclusive 2-hour Blues Harp Workshops for either beginners or experienced players. Classes have limited seating. Contact Scott for details. http://www.markwenner.com


Tom Mitchell, Del Mar, CA
Student from 1994 – 2000

Scott is a great teacher! He is patient, encouraging, and a bit of a stickler; this is what you want in a guitar teacher! I distinctly remember coming in not knowing my Major Scales and him politely but sternly asking me if I wanted to be good. I respected Scott and his playing so much that I never showed up unprepared again. He could tell that I was into music but I needed that extra kick. Scott also helped me prepare for college auditions which was a huge help! Fast forward twenty years and I am now a full-time Guitar Teacher and Musician living the dream in Southern California. Thank you Scott!!

Ray Heekin
Student from 1995 – 1996

Hi Scott!
My name is Ray Heekin, I was a student of yours in 1995 and 1996. You were my first guitar teacher and I’ve been playing ever since. I’ve toured the country a handful of times with different bands over the past ten years and played in multiple studio sessions as well. Just wanted to say thanks for being an early influence and it’s awesome that you’re still going strong. Keep fighting that good fight!

Nate Foley
Former Student

Tonight I received the award of “Best New Artist” from Washington Area Music Association! Thanks for your kind thoughts, prayers, and votes! Hope to see you in March at my concerts in the Strathmore, my new album “Noontime Moon Shine” will be available…

Michelle G. of Bethesda, MD; Student, age 13:
Attending since 2001
I enjoy taking lessons at Stancill’s Guitar Studio because the service given here is excellent. From the very beginning I was given the opportunity of playing any type of music I wished, and was taught to understand the music – not just play it. The studio itself is well-equipped with many types of guitars and sound systems, even a repair shop.

In addition, this was the only studio around that would actually allow me to start when I was only 6 years old. Mr. Stancill has provided me the opportunity and passion of playing the guitar and music in general, and this is why I keep coming back every week after nearly 8 years.

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