Tom Mitchell, Del Mar, CA
Student from 1994 – 2000

Scott is a great teacher! He is patient, encouraging, and a bit of a stickler; this is what you want in a guitar teacher! I distinctly remember coming in not knowing my Major Scales and him politely but sternly asking me if I wanted to be good. I respected Scott and his playing so much that I never showed up unprepared again. He could tell that I was into music but I needed that extra kick. Scott also helped me prepare for college auditions which was a huge help! Fast forward twenty years and I am now a full-time Guitar Teacher and Musician living the dream in Southern California. Thank you Scott!!

Ray Heekin
Student from 1995 – 1996

Hi Scott!
My name is Ray Heekin, I was a student of yours in 1995 and 1996. You were my first guitar teacher and I’ve been playing ever since. I’ve toured the country a handful of times with different bands over the past ten years and played in multiple studio sessions as well. Just wanted to say thanks for being an early influence and it’s awesome that you’re still going strong. Keep fighting that good fight!

Nate Foley
Former Student

Tonight I received the award of “Best New Artist” from Washington Area Music Association! Thanks for your kind thoughts, prayers, and votes! Hope to see you in March at my concerts in the Strathmore, my new album “Noontime Moon Shine” will be available…

Michelle G. of Bethesda, MD; Student, age 13:
Attending since 2001
I enjoy taking lessons at Stancill’s Guitar Studio because the service given here is excellent. From the very beginning I was given the opportunity of playing any type of music I wished, and was taught to understand the music – not just play it. The studio itself is well-equipped with many types of guitars and sound systems, even a repair shop.

In addition, this was the only studio around that would actually allow me to start when I was only 6 years old. Mr. Stancill has provided me the opportunity and passion of playing the guitar and music in general, and this is why I keep coming back every week after nearly 8 years.

Jean B. McConville of Wheaton, MD: Retired National Geographics Researcher; volunteer FONZ copy editor,  age 82:
Attending since 2004

Newly-introduced to the guitar at age 78, I can’t speak more highly of Scott Stancill’s patience with my fumbling fingers. He has also taught me to appreciate the marvelous possibilities of this beautiful music-making instrument, for which I am indebted, even as I struggle. And, I have seen him accomplish the same magic with students far-far younger than I am.

Dean M. of Kensington, MD; Student, age 15:
Attending since 2004

Brian Patterson of Silver Spring, MD; Chef instructor Academie de Cuisine; Dining Review columnist for The Gazette, age 47:
Attending since 2004

This studio has tailored my lessons to be the perfect balance of challenge and amusement. My instruction is comprehensive, providing the back story and the biography of my favorite players, enriching my technical learning experience. Thanks to Stancill’s Guitars Studio I enjoy the instrument and my performance.

Aviva Goldfarb of Chevy Chase, MD; Young Mom and Web recipe columnist:
Attending since February 2007

One reason we chose Stancill’s is because of the way Mr. Stancill combines a broad appreciation and knowledge of music with an easy going approach to sharing information. In other words, he’s teaching our son to read music and use proper techniques using music our son enjoys listening to! Knowing thatMr. Stancill is both an accomplished performer and guitar maker helps our son feel like he is learning from “the real deal”.

Dennis Ward of Washington, D.C.; Retired, age 60:
Attending since July 2007

As I watch the other students at Stancill’s Guitar Studio come and go, it has become pretty obvious that I am not typical of the group. Not only am I older than most of them, I’m older than most of their parents. This has posed no obstacle. While I had thought for many years of learning to play the bass, it wasn’t until a bit later in life that I decided to do something about it. And though finding Stancill’s was purely accidental, it was a very fortunate accident. Scott focuses the lessons on the type of music I want to play, the songs I want to learn, but always ties that work back into the basic concepts and theories of music without overwhelming me with information. And, he keeps it fun and the lessons are always a pleasure. In fact, I have found it such a satisfying experience; my son is now taking drum lessons at the studio. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Juliana Blome of Washington, D.C. Chief, Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation NIH, age 32:
Attending since May 2008